Are you a parent wanting to ensure your child has every opportunity ahead of them?

Are you considering starting English lessons to help your child with school exams or entry to University?

Perhaps you are relocating to an English-speaking country and want to support your child to be able to communicate and adjust to their new surroundings, removing language as a barrier?

Here at the OET, we can provide high-quality, professional yet friendly support to help your child’s English grow!

Your reasons for choosing to enrol your child in online ESL lessons matter to us just as much as they do to you. We are passionate about providing fun and enriching online lessons that encourage and motivate your child to learn English in a positive manner.

Our story-based, cross-curricular, and skills-based lessons are engaging, eye-catching, and focused to help your child improve their reading, speaking, listening, and understanding skills with confidence.

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Our Vision

Our vision and philosophy here at theOET focuses on providing fun, interactive, and immersive lessons for young learners that can’t be found anywhere else. We strive to encourage each student to develop a love for learning English through visuals, rewards, and stories that bring the language to life.

We create a safe and friendly environment where students not only feel comfortable participating but know that they are valued as an individual. Lesson materials are adapted to suit a range of learning styles and abilities whilst incorporating students’ interests.

Not only do we want our students to flourish with their English ability, but we equally want them to love the process of learning English and feel proud of their accomplishments.

We offer opportunities for developing strong English skills with three core focuses:

  • story-based learning
  • cross-curricular content
  • skills-focused classes

Story-Based Learning

We develop our curriculum and lessons focused on stories due to their incredible benefits.

Stories not only subject students to the English language and new vocabulary. But they help students see first-hand examples of how each element of English comes together including reading, listening, comprehension and understanding, vocabulary, phonics, and grammar.

Above all else, stories bring a sense of magic to your child. They can help grow and develop your child’s imagination and creativity. Stories reduce stress and strengthen your child’s brain. Plus, can improve your child’s focus as well as their social and communication skills.

Cross-Curricular Content

Families more than ever before are looking at classes which offer cross-curricular links and with good reason.

Cross-curricular simply means that whatever it is your child is learning, is able to do so by incorporating a range of subjects, rather than studying a single subject separately.

We believe it is incredibly enriching and helps students build foundational links by offering cross-curricular elements from an early age.

That’s why so many of our courses cover other subject areas, not just English skills. For example, take our Magic Tree House Book Club. Although the core focus is on developing students’ comprehension and understanding using this popular book series, additional learning opportunities are covered such as the Egyptian sarcophagus and hieroglyphics relating to book 3 or designing a pirate flag for book 4.

There are so many benefits to cross-curricular learning including developing problem-solving skills, strengthening brain activity between the left and right sides of your child’s brain, and providing real-world meaning to your child’s learning journey.

Skills-Focused Classes

Finally, our skills-focused classes are ideal for students looking to take the Cambridge KET and PET exams in the future.

These classes focus on a specific core English skill, whether that’s vocabulary and speaking, listening and comprehension, phonics and reading.

Our classes are progressive, building a solid foundation of English for students that’s in line with the exam requirements. Students can start with us at A1 level and build their skills to be able to take the Cambridge YLE Starters, Movers, and Flyers exams, should they choose to. Over the following few years, their English skills and confidence will grow, enabling them to prepare for the Cambridge KET and PET exams.

Whether or not you are planning to enter your child into these English exams, our skills-focused classes are ideal for anyone wanting support to improve their core English skills.

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