Learn English through Games

Bringing the fun back to learning English with 3D educational games.

Ages 3-12

"He's really enjoying it, graphics are fab and he's really liking the challenges"
Claire, mum of an 8 year old
Home Educator

English Games For Ages 3-12

Does your child struggle learning English with textbooks?
Are they bored of or find traditional methods of learning stressful?
Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!
Our games are self-paced, reducing anxiety and taking away stress so children can focus on building their English skills as well as their confidence.

Our Games Offer

Immersive Learning Environment

3D virtual games pre-made for your child to explore, learn, and grow in confidence. Your child receives a customizable avatar that they control in order to complete set challenges and tasks throughout each activity.

Interactive Activities

Not only can your child move their avatar, but they can participate in games, puzzles, challenges, and tasks set by us. Activities may include selecting the correct item to unlock a door and progress through the world, complete a puzzle such as an anagram to unlock a chest, or answer the comprehension questions correctly for the selected book.

Goal Focused Learning

Every virtual game provided has specific goals in mind to aid your child’s English skills and confidence. Outside of our demo creations, our 3D games focus on developing specific skills such as grammar, learning to read, comprehension, or vocabulary. Every activity ensures your child will be learning as they complete each game.

Key Features


Game-based learning to improve focus, participation, motivation, and your child's enjoyment.


Pre-made games to complete at a time and pace that suits your child removing anxiety surrounding time pressures or speaking in a live class.


Skills-based activities that build upon previous games played to help your child progress and boost their confidence.


Web-based making each game available on the go with a computer, tablet, or phone. Plus a student-only dashboard to stay signed in and easily access all your games.


Receive 50 gems just for setting up a free account with your email. When subscribing, your child will earn 200 gems every month that can be used to buy items within the game store and use during their free play time. Plus you can earn extra rewards once subscribed.


Each game provides a QR code to an editable certificate that can be personalised and printed at home.


it's a great idea and I think there's so much potential for a fantastic learning platform
Mum of 5 year old
Home Educator
We like the playground because, like Legos, we can build beautiful things but we can also go inside everything. In the playground, we can build and explore as well as learn.
Student aged 9
ESL Learner
We like and use game based learning. My son found it easy to follow and is engaged in all the games.
Mum of 6 year old
Home Educator
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